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    hi guys.

    new on here and really join to get some help

    im looking at a new car. have a astra atm and feckin hate it. more body roll then the titanic. slow and uses fuel like no tomorow.

    i was looking at the RX8 and dont mind the crudy mpg on that as youll be haveing fun whilst driveing it. but the only thing i dont like is when it would want to modifiy it i couldent put a turbo on it easily.

    i have been looking at a mx5 because they seem very easy to turbo and the engines are solid to take it, but not to sure on them seem very basic and not all that

    so what cars are out there that match this

    Easy to turbo
    not to dear on the insurance
    under 4k
    prefarbaly 4 or 5 seater but dont mind 2
    and modern looking on inside and out. what i dont like about some of the bmw or the mx5 is there very dated inside

    cheers guys n gals

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    The Astra is a half-decent bread-and-butter car and there is a version available to suit just about everyone. The body is a bit flexible so they are definitely a car for flat and smooth roads. If kept in good condition and decent rubber fitted each version gives a good account of itself and there are customising parts a-plenty available to allow owners to ruin any version and even very occasionally to improve...

    A sports car the Astra is not.
    To compare a saloon or hatchback, even a hot hatch, with a sports car is like comparing cats and dogs and simply isn't appropriate or even possible.

    The philosophy of the sports car has a long tradition; standard components mildly tweaked in a body offering light weight, stiffness and a low centre of gravity. The performance comes from the higher cornering speeds available from a stiff body with a low centre of gravity, the choice of steering and suspension angles to provide rapid handling response and the light weight created by a minimalist build.
    That is one reason why sports cars rot so rapidly and one reason why sports cars tend to look dated - it is a tradition demanded by fans of the breed...

    The MX-5 is a brilliantly sensible sports car that within a few limits adheres to the tradition.
    It has exactly the right amount of power for the chassis, it is highly chuckable but well-mannered and as it also has a few none-traditional sports car refinements like proper seats and carpets, a quite efficient heater and a radio and space for luggage it can be used daily by almost anyone.

    There is a couple of problems that stops the MX-5 being just about the perfect traditional sports car it could be capable of being. They are somewhat prone to rust in the underbody seams and other places and Mazda parts prices are almost ridiculous.

    Adding a turbo would completely ruin an MX-5.

    Adding a turbo to any engine not designed for it would be most unwise and difficult to do unless it is the most mild of mildest tweaks when the increased weight would likely offset any horsepower benefit.

    A turbo-charged engine generally has different compression ratio, different valve-timing and a larger bore exhaust and cat to the standard engine. A normal boost pressure of half an atmosphere means the demand for fuel will be increased by 50% and that could mean different injectors are needed to keep the injection duration from becoming too long.

    Turbo-charging was easier on pre-cat models where the turbo was left to make whatever pressure it could and any surplus was dumped by the wastegate causing a highly fluctuating exhaust gas content. Post-cat models need a much more stable exhaust gas content and so the wastegate works differently and is operated by the engine ECU and needs yards of extra piping and several valves.

    Unless you have the expertise and the gear and loads of money the best advice I can offer is if you want a turbo-charged motor then buy one already done. If the car you have doesn't have a turbo have some of the tweaks carried out that are suitable for a naturally aspirated engine.

    If that doesn't float your boat and you want to drive like a maniac on our too-congested roads with a maximum allowable speed of 70 mph and an average speed of 18 mph in our cities then a nitro kit would probably do the trick.

    Before boosting the power on any engine it is wise to uprate brakes and suspension and sometimes to reinforce the body and change the steering and suspension angles in order to have a reasonable chance of stopping in a straight line or even stopping at all...

    There is a lot more to getting around quickly in this country than having lots of power.

    I like rwd because I find them easier to mend and I am a traditionalist. Few people these days would opt for rear wheel drive unless they wanted to emulate Clarkson and crew to which there is only one comment - good drivers avoid wheel spin in order to save money and get around quicker.

    I hope I have helped...

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