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Thread: What car to buy? Budget £13-15k

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    Default What car to buy? Budget £13-15k

    Hi all

    My husband and I are looking to buy a car and having spent a few weeks researching, we are thoroughly confused! We are both 30 years old, no kids yet but expect to have a family soon. Therefore, we were hoping for a car that can be fun to drive but practical as well for the medium term. Our budget is up to £13-15k. We would only need the car on weekends and some evenings, and donít expect to do more than 10k miles a year at the most.

    I use Zipcar a lot and so an obvious contender for us was the VW Golf. We wondered if the Ďfuní aspect can be achieved through a GTI model. Given there is a Mk 7 version out now (which is really very expensive), should we target a Mk 6 or Mk 5? Is either particularly better than the other, and is the difference vs. the newest one quite significant?

    If we could find an M3 for under £15k, would that be a good deal, or likely to be one that has a gazillion miles on it and requires lots of work?

    Any advice on which other cars we should consider? Weíre totally new to this, so will really appreciate any real guidance (somehow the car magazines seem quite inconclusive!)

    Thanks a lot

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    Check the safety ratings and mileage on each one you are considering. No one ever plans to have an accident but just in case, the safety issue should be considered. It was very important to me several years ago. Luckily I had a vehicle that did exactly what it was supposed to do in an accident.

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