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Thread: Oil service warning

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    Default Oil service warning

    Mondeo 2.0 Diesel Titanium estate. March 2009 model
    This has a 6speed manual box and has been serviced by Ford main dealer from new, last serviced late Feb just before its first Mot 23,201 on speedo just started showing oil service light on start up and it has just done 4,800 miles since service. Oil level ok oil colour ok not excessively dirty, this was filled with latest Ford spec Castrol at last service.
    Any help or useful suggestions welcomed.

    Regards Miket

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    Hi Miket
    I am Osanty, it may be since about 5years ago.I think your problem will be solvwd.BYE THE BYE how are yo uAnd how well you do?

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    The problem is probably caused by the service indicator not being reset at the last service. I suggest you visit the garage and ask them to put matters right.

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    Default Oil service warning

    my light came on tonight but i changed the oil about 800 miles ago will it be safe to reset and carry on till my next oil change . thanks for the help on the reset

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