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This beautiful Adaptor for Es200 Citroen C5 is available from for available only £ 109 through which is an affiliate of . This Adaptor for Es200 Citroen C5 is one of hundreds of products in the section of our extensive range of products and services available to choose from today.


Adaptor for Es200   Citroen C5Adaptor for Es200 Citroen C5


ES200 Under-vehicle engine support and adaptors - Sealey ES200-12, Supports/raises engine from underneath during maintenance operations without use of a trolley jack or conventional over-engine support beam. Allows unimpeded access to the engine from above and also permits safe movement of the vehicle whilst the engine is raised. Vehicle-specific adaptor sleeve (for applications, see table) mounts onto the vehicle structure and takes the base unit. The engine is raised by a screw adjusted pad. Vital for rapid and safe cam belt changes, engine mount replacement, transmission removal, etc. Adaptor for Es200 - Citroen C5


Price = £ 109