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This beautiful 4 Pack Microfibre Miracle Cloths is available from for available only £ 8 through which is an affiliate of . This 4 Pack Microfibre Miracle Cloths is one of hundreds of products in the section of our extensive range of products and services available to choose from today.


4 Pack Microfibre Miracle Cloths4 Pack Microfibre Miracle Cloths


High performance, heavy duty microfibre cleaning cloths from Greased Lightning will make light work of cleaning your car and home. Features: • Microfibre is a blend of microscopic polyester and polyamide fibres. The wedge-shaped cross sections will trap and remove all kinds of dust particles from surfaces, with no streaks or marks left - like a magnetic attraction. • Each cloth is extremely soft, doesn"t scratch surfaces and you rarely need to use chemicals (just water) so cleaning is fast, easy and environmentally friendly. • Ultra absorbent to dry surfaces in next to no time • Quad Pack


Price = £ 8