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This beautiful 300W 12V Inverter ( 300W 12V Inverter ) is available from for available only £ 20 through which is an affiliate of . This 300W 12V Inverter ( 300W 12V Inverter ) is one of hundreds of products in the section of our extensive range of products and services available to choose from today.


300W 12V Inverter  ( 300W 12V Inverter )300W 12V Inverter ( 300W 12V Inverter )


Run mains powered equipment from your car battery Suitable for mobile phones camcorders AV equipment laptops TVs up to 19-inches VCRs and portable work lights 300 watts continuous power with 900 watts surge Modified sine wave Automatic alarm and shutdown protection against overload over temperature and low-battery conditions One three pronged UK mains grounded AC outlet Quiet operation Please note Using the 12V cigarette lighter plug maximum continuous load is 150W - this is due to the fact that most cigarette lighter sockets in cars are rated at a maximum of 15A. For 300W continuous operation the inverter will need to be directly connected to the car battery. Both cigarette lighter socket and direct to battery connecting cables are supplied.


Price = £ 20