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This beautiful 150W Laptop Car Adaptor ( 150W Laptop Car PSU ) is available from for available only £ 35 through which is an affiliate of . This 150W Laptop Car Adaptor ( 150W Laptop Car PSU ) is one of hundreds of products in the section of our extensive range of products and services available to choose from today.


150W Laptop Car Adaptor ( 150W Laptop Car PSU )150W Laptop Car Adaptor ( 150W Laptop Car PSU )


Our most powerful in-car laptop adaptor to date Works with most laptop computers Stabilised output low ripple and low interference Adjustable output voltage DC15 16 18 19 20 22 and 24V Output 8.5A maximum 6A minimum depending on voltage selected High efficiency and low energy consumption Power LED monitor Includes 9 interchangeable power plugs 15A fuse for overload protection A wide range of DC voltages together with high current outputs means this adaptor is designed to work with the majority of laptops on the market today. The lead from the cigarette lighter plug to the adaptor is approximately 28cm in length whilst the lead from the adaptor to the laptop measures approximately 1.7 metres. The power tips are designed in that they can only be inserted one way round providing a centre positive polarity - please check this matches the polarity required by your laptop before use and if in any doubt seek professional guidance.


Price = £ 35