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This beautiful 1000W 12V Inverter ( 1000W 12V Inverter ) is available from for available only £ 130 through which is an affiliate of . This 1000W 12V Inverter ( 1000W 12V Inverter ) is one of hundreds of products in the section of our extensive range of products and services available to choose from today.


1000W 12V Inverter ( 1000W 12V Inverter )1000W 12V Inverter ( 1000W 12V Inverter )


Provides two AC sockets that can be powered from a DC 12V source Connect direct to your car or other 12V battery Includes 3-metre battery lead for versatility Ideal for heavy duty applications Suitable for powering laptops radios TVs and other high wattage products Optional wired 5-metre remote control also available Order Code A84HZ If you need a means to use your mains powered equipment whilst out in the car then the 12V to mains 240V power inverter is the answer. This portable power source will happily run equipment that demand more power as it provides 1000 watts not suitable for use with fluorescent lighting or inductive loads. The inverter is powered via direct connection to the car battery using the supplied leads. Please note the wattage of this inverter is too high for connection via the cigarette lighter socket.


Price = £ 130