• Buy A Second Hand Vauxhall Corsa And Beat The Recession

    Most drivers know that a smaller engine uses less fuel than a gas guzzling 2.0 litre machine. During the economic downturn many drivers have traded in their cars which use a lot of fuel for smaller vehicles that can get them from A to B without costing them a fortune at the petrol pumps. There are many great small cars on the market which will take you further with less fuel including a second hand Vauxhall corsa and many other models.
    Gone are the days when 4x4s and twin engine super cars speed past you on the dual carriageways. Now everyone is more aware of how your driving style can contribute to the amount of money you spend on your car and petrol. The government, car manufacturers and environmental activists all have information available for the average driver on how to drive down their fuel expenditure.
    Going as little as 10mph slower than the speed limit can cut your fuel consumption by 15%, whereas you will use a significant amount more petrol if you drive at 70mph rather than 60mph. So while many people might have ignored the safety warnings of driving at the correct speed limit, those drivers who ignored these warnings now find themselves conforming due to the pressure to use as little fuel as possible.
    But what are the most popular small cars that people are buying new and second hand during the recession?
    For new cars, the government's Scrappage scheme has worked wonders with sales in small cars rising significantly. Some of the most popular manufacturers include Ford, especially their new Ka design. The small CitroŽn models are also popular among drivers as are the smaller Vauxhall cars.
    And Vauxhall cars are also the most popular manufacturer with drivers looking for a second hand vehicle. Second hand Vauxhall corsa sales have increased rapidly over the past 18 months with more experienced drivers accepting their benefits including cheaper insurance, lower tax and reduced fuel consumption compared to bigger cars. They are no longer the car of boy and girl racers.
    So with the recession continuing in Britain and oil prices continuing to rise, it makes sense to cash in your large-engined car for a more practical, environmentally friendly model.

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